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Establishing a Bond with Your Massage Therapist. Book today your Mobile massage in London.

Updated: Feb 16

Would you wish to be liked by your massage therapist more?

A natural affinity for people, gentle personalities, and an open heart are common traits of massage therapists. Thus, it's likely that your therapist already has some sort of romantic interest in you. But if you pay attention to these small pointers and strategies, you might be able to win your favourite even more over.

Being liked by your therapist is beneficial for you.

Although you might not think about it, it would be a little odd if you didn't want your therapist to think well of you. After all, it is unlikely that someone can cheer you up if they don't like you. And if the goal of massage therapy isn't to make you feel better, then what is it?

Reducing stress and improving overall well-being are the main goals of massage therapy. At times, this entails concentrating on your body's physical features, like using trigger point therapy to release tension in tense muscles. Sometimes, all we need is a gentle, loving touch to help us relax our minds. A genuine massage frequently involves using touch to convey empathy.

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So how can you win over your therapist's affection even more and raise your chances of receiving the best care possible?

1. Select the ideal therapist for your needs

Prior to confirming your online massage reservation, there are a few things you should consider in order to increase your chances of receiving the greatest massage possible.

Examine the profiles of the therapists who are able to come to your address. These not only characterise their abilities but also a facet of their individual personalities. Selecting a person whose personality may resemble yours will put you ahead of the game.

Naturally, a single image and a brief synopsis of your selected masseuse or masseur can only provide a semblance of their character. However, by combining these cues with your intuition, you can increase the likelihood that you will select a therapist with whom you will click.

2. Therapists favour clients who are prepared

As they say, first impressions matter, and massage therapy is no exception.

It can be a little annoying if your masseuse shows up and discovers that you are completely unprepared for your massage, particularly if they have a busy day ahead of you.

Make sure your room is ready for your massage therapist by following these easy tips. Your chances of leaving a positive first impression on him or her will rise as a result.

Aim to have taken a warm shower just before their arrival. In this manner, when your therapist arrives at your house, your muscles will have already begun to relax, and you will be tidy and prepared to receive them.

Therapists love clean and ready clients!

3. Show amiability

You are the main focus of your massage. We are fully aware of this, and the practitioners using our platform have received training to recognise and appreciate it as well.

Things can occasionally turn out a little bit differently than you may have anticipated. For instance, your masseuse might be playing music that isn't exactly to your taste or be running a few minutes behind schedule because of unforeseen travel complications in London.

Alternatively, it's possible that she misinterpreted your request to massage your feet last and began massaging them first. We realise it's a little annoying. But if any such small mishaps occur, we advise you to, as far as you are able, take a deep breath in. Then, grinning, clearly state your position with a warm and inviting voice.

Competent therapists are aware that every client has unique preferences, and they will go above and beyond to satisfy you. Tell them politely, then. You'll gain their favour as a result.

The most well-liked clients frequently behave towards their massage therapists in the same way as they would friends.

4. Empathy is very important.

It should go without saying that being a mobile massage therapist in London is a tough profession.

Stress can build up fast after a demanding day of intense treatments, responding to on-demand reservations as soon as possible, and navigating some of the busiest streets and public transport in the world. Even for masseuses with the most serene disposition.

Make a name for yourself as one of the many decent men and women who value the therapeutic services that licenced mobile masseurs and masseuses offer.

You will experience better care every minute of the process.

5. Swing the odds in your favour

Each of us enjoys a little pressure when getting a massage. But after it's over, a good therapist wants you to just unwind and stop worrying about anything.

Please feel free to tip your massage therapist if you enjoyed the experience and thought they went above and beyond with their work. It is entirely up to you how much to tip.

Naturally, your therapist will be grateful for any such kind gesture and will likely grow to love you even more. Crucially, there's never any pressure to leave a tip, so don't feel obligated to do so if you don't feel totally comfortable doing so.

Karma and a massage go hand in hand. Next time you schedule a treatment, try implementing a few of the above advice to start a new friendship.

Mobile Massage in London

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