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Preparing for Your Massage - Mobile Massage in London

Updated: Feb 16


Are you wondering how to set the ideal tone for a massage at home? It can be fun to get ready for a mobile massage, whether it's in your living room or a hotel bedroom.

You can create a tranquil atmosphere and guarantee a soothing massage with our professional advice.

Mobile Massage in London


Use Your Five Senses

Consider using all of your senses for a full experience when getting ready for a mobile massage in your home. Here's a brief a rational explanation:

1. Visual

To create a cosy and peaceful ambiance, turn down the lights and light some candles.

A hot candle massage is unlike any other, so in the winter, light a soy massage candle approximately ten minutes before your therapist arrives and request that they use it for your massage!

2. Sound

Put on some relaxing instrumental music and turn the volume up. Think about making a playlist ahead of time.

Well-known streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify provide a large selection of ready playlists that are specially selected for unwinding.

3. Scent

To create a fragrant atmosphere, fill an essential oil diffuser with your favourite fragrances.

Select an essential oil based on your state of mind and emotions.

Peppermint to revive, eucalyptus to reenergize, and lavender to soothe.

4. Flavour

After your massage, keep a glass of fresh water close by to stay hydrated.

For a cool touch, add a slice of lemon or your favourite fruit.

5. Touch

After the room is ready, just unwind and allow the therapist to perform their magic on you.

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Take Advantage of a Massage Anywhere, Without a Massage Table!

Without a table, experience the enchantment of in-home massages.

Depending on your preferences, The Art Of Massage Therapy offers a wide variety of styles on the floor or in your own bed.

Really, we think getting a massage while lying in bed is superior overall. Please use the table if you have one. It's all about how comfortable and at ease you are.

However, don't let the absence of a table prevent you from enjoying a relaxing massage at home. No matter where you decide to relax, our talented therapists will make sure your trip to renewal is remarkable.


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Additionally, it's critical that you maintain proper hygiene during your treatment, and a little preparation can help guarantee:

Personal Hygiene

Before your therapist gets there, give yourself a warm water wash.

Before beginning your treatment, your therapist will take off their shoes and wash their hands.

Cleanliness of the Environment

Towels of your own should be used for better hygiene.

To avoid using shared equipment with other clients, perform the massage on your bed or the floor.

Make sure you apply the proper oil protection to your surface.

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Perfect Timing: Prepare in Advance for Your In-Home Massage

Establishing a calm atmosphere prior to the arrival of your therapist improves the whole experience. Recall to keep the space organised and free of clutter.

You can get a relaxing in-home massage without ever leaving your house or hotel room if you use these tips.


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