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Frequently Asked Questions
Massage London Mobile

What areas in London do you cover?

Our professional mobile massage therapists can travel across all of London. Here are some specific areas where we offer our massage services: Mayfair, Soho, Earl’s Court, Kings Cross, Chelsea, Richmond, Liverpool Street, Paddington, Canary Wharf, Kensington, Bayswater, Victoria, Warren Street, Baker Street, Park Lane, Euston, Green Park, Covent Garden, Edgware Road, Holland Park Avenue. Book today your massage london mobile.

How do I prepare for a massage at home?

To get the most out of your massage experience, it's crucial to prepare for a

home massage. Here are some pointers on how to get ready for a massage at


1. Select a peaceful and cosy location.

2. Create the right atmosphere: Dim the lights, turn on some peaceful music,

and use aromatherapy candles or oils to provide the space with a calming


3. Put on comfortable clothing.

4. Keep in touch with your therapist.

5. Put your phone away.

Book today your massage london mobile.

How does the Art of Massage work?

With The Art of Massage, you can book a massage session in four different

ways! Either through our website, via our Live Messaging service, via

WhatsApp (appointments only) or via e-mail.

We reserve our right to ask for a deposit fee if there is no booking history

with us, otherwise, the payment can be done on arrival to the therapist. Book today your massage london mobile.

How frequently should I have a therapeutic massage?

Pain, worry, and tension can all be effectively managed with massage

therapy. Your demands will determine the ideal frequency of sessions.

Because therapists occasionally have different availability schedules than

usual days, it's crucial to consider both your availability and theirs when

determining what day/time window works best. Please, do try your best to

plan ahead in order to minimise disappointments. Book today your massage london mobile.

What can I expect from my initial massage therapy appointment?

Your massage therapist will inquire about your health and the parts of your

body that are affecting you. They might also run some assessments in order

to evaluate if the treatment would help your conditions and observe if there's

any allergies. Book today your massage london mobile.

Do I need to shower before getting a massage?

Although it is not necessary to shower before a massage, it is advised to do

so in order to feel your best during the session. A shower can aid in your

relaxation, help you get ready for the mobile massage london, and help you get rid of any

oils, sweat, or dirt that might get in the way of the massage. 

Do you have any cancellation fee?

At The Art of Massage, we understand that occasionally unexpected

circumstances may occur, requiring a cancellation or rescheduling your

massage appointment. To accommodate as many clients as possible and to

limit any interference with our therapists' schedules, we have a cancellation

policy in place.

Any appointment changes or cancellations must be submitted at least 24

hours in advance per our cancellation policy. A fee can be applied if you

need to cancel or reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours before

your planned appointment. This cost guarantees that we can continue to

offer all our clients a high-quality service and helps to reimburse our

therapists for their time.

Please get in touch with our front desk as soon as possible if you need to

change or cancel your appointment. 

You will be charged a minimum of £30 if your appointments are missed or

cancelled with less than an hour's notice. Kindly give us at least two hours'

notice so that we may schedule a time slot that is available and most

convenient. Book today your massage london mobile.

I should give my therapist a tip?

Although it is not necessary to tip your massage therapist, doing so is

customary in the UK to express gratitude for exceptional treatment. You

have the option of leaving a tip if you thought your therapist did an amazing

job and want to show your appreciation. Book today your massage london mobile.

Our massage therapists at The Art of Massage are highly skilled and

committed to giving our clients the greatest massage experience possible.

Although it is not customary, leaving a gratuity is always appreciated and

can be done in with cash or by adding it to your credit card payment with at

the front desk. Book today your massage london mobile.

Which massage is right for me?

Our mobile massage therapists are certified to the highest levels in a range of techniques. They deliver spa-quality, full body massages for ultimate relaxation, without you needing to leave the house. Whether it’s a relaxing massage or a deep tissue massage, our massage therapists can help.

How do you vet your therapists?

All our mobile massage therapists are hand-selected after a rigorous vetting process. Each therapist is trade-tested, DBS checked (criminal record clearance) and chosen based on their years of experience and magical hands. So, you can relax, knowing you’re in safe hands. Pamper yourself  today with The Art of Massage Therapy massage london mobile.

What should I wear to my massage?

Our massages techniques include the use of oils, so we recommend that you undress to your underwear for the treatment or simply to a level you are comfortable with. On arrival, your home massage therapist will prepare the bed, music and oils and then they will step outside so you can get undressed in privacy. Book today your massage london mobile. At the end of the treatment, your therapist will leave the room to allow you to get up at your own pace and get dressed. Please note, it is required that underwear is worn throughout all treatments. Book today your massage london mobile.

What are the risks around COVID?

By having your treatment at home you’re avoiding public spaces and minimising the risk of transmission. Rest assured, our mobile massage therapists fully sanitise all equipment

between appointments and regularly wash their hands. Book today your massage london mobile.

Do you take specific requests for disabilities or injuries?

Please contact us on +447481446381 or prior to booking should you have any special requests regarding your treatment. Your mobile massage therapist will complete a consultation form prior to the treatment in order to tailor your treatment to your specific needs. Book today your massage london mobile.

Ensure your therapist is aware of any injuries and allergies you have and areas of your body you wish for them to give extra attention to. Discuss with your therapist the pressure you wish to be applied before and during the treatment.

We advise that you seek advice from a Medical Practitioner regarding whether massage therapy is appropriate for certain medical conditions. Don't hesitate to ask more details about massage london mobile services.

You offer sexual services?

No, we do not offer any kind of sexual services. The Art of Massage is a professional massage london mobile therapy service provider and our therapists are trained to provide legitimate therapeutic massage services only. We maintain a strict code of conduct and ethical standards, and any inappropriate behaviour by clients will not be tolerated. If a client engages in any inappropriate behaviour, the session will be immediately terminated, and the client will be asked to leave. Book today your massage london mobile.

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