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1. Deep tissue massage:

Release knots and tension with The Art of Massage Therapy  at home massage London

When Is the Right Time for A Deep Tissue Massage?

When you have scar tissue concerns, persistent pain, muscle tension, sports injuries, limited range of motion, or postural problems, a deep tissue massage is advised. It's especially helpful for resolving particular muscle-related ailments like knots, tightness, and mobility problems.

To relieve pain and encourage healing, the massage concentrates on the deeper levels of the muscles and connective tissues.

Prior to receiving a deep tissue massage, it's crucial to discuss your comfort level with the therapist and take any medical issues into account because of how intense it is. Book today at home massage London.

2. Aromatherapy massage:

Unwind and recharge the mind and body, with The Art of Massage Therapy an at home massage London

Our aromatherapy massage service combines the restorative effects of massage treatment with the curative properties of essential oils. By selecting particular essential oils based on your requirements and preferences, we can assist in lowering stress, enhancing mood, and relieving pain.

Why not give our aromatherapy at home massage London service a try and discover all the advantages for yourself?

3. Swedish relaxation massage:

Release stress and tight muscle With The Art of Massage Therapy  at home massage London

Swedish Massage is also known as ‘Classic Massage’. It uses 5 main techniques:

  1. Stroking and gliding

  2. Kneading

  3. Rubbing

  4. Tapping or pounding

  5. Vibration

As a result of these, it can make you feel relaxed or energised and can help with cellulite, dry skin, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

What length of Swedish Massage should I book?

A full body  at home massage London takes around 90 minutes and includes back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, abdomen, chest (just under the collarbone), face and head.

If you want a 60-minute at home massage London then you can either have a full body massage with a short amount of time spent on each area or we can miss out a few areas, like feet, hands or arms.

If you would like a 45-minute massage you may want back, neck and shoulders, or back, face & head, or legs and arms – whatever you feel would benefit you.

The areas that are massaged are entirely up to you, no matter how long an appointment you have booked, all massages are tailored to the client’s needs. No two massages are the same, I don’t follow a routine, we are led by what the client wants and needs. We will discuss what you want before your massage starts.

If you are experiencing discomfort in one or two specific areas like back, neck or legs then a Deep Tissue Massage may be more suitable for you where we can target specific areas to relieve pain and discomfort. If you are unsure, just get in touch and we can discuss what is best for you.


Book today an at home massage London!

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